New vehicles must be carefully planned and designed. They have to outclass the predecessor model with technical innovations and quality improvements, be superior to the competitor’s product and be brought to market as quickly as possible. Part of this ever-shorter development cycles is the testing in the open, on snow and ice, on „torture tracks” and in endurance tests.

To test endurance, SMB builds individually tailored test tracks all over the world: High-speed ovals or circular fast tracks with banked curves enable driving without centrifugal force at speeds of up to 250 km/h or more depending on the chosen curve radius. The SMB bridge paver makes it possible to construct banked curves with up to 49° cross incline. The curve transitions are usually created in the shape of sinusoids, Bloss or McConnell-curves.

For the reconstruction of deteriorated fast lanes, which are frequently re-designed with steeper and therefore faster curves, it is necessary to mill off the existing road profile precisely to a newly defined level. SMB has developed modern milling technologies for this purpose and has already implemented them successfully.

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