The constant increase in private travel and the associated risks mean that the safety requirements of people on the road are increasing. The need and dependency to travel, including the ever more demanding requirements on the logistics providers, necessitate further safety training opportunities.

Training to master frequently occurring hazardous situations will therefore represent a mandatory skill needed on the road for all drivers in the future. Building on years of experience in the construction of large test and training tracks for the automotive industry, SMB is also involved in the planning, construction and operation of safety driving centres (SDC).

Thanks to the latest technology, drivers at these facilities can familiarise themselves with handling the vehicle’s physical and technical limits as well as the ability of their own body to work under pressure. Early detection of possible sources of danger and appropriate responses are the focus of the training programme. These are realistically simulated with the help of sprinkling systems, water fountains, skid pads, mountainous and gradient tracks as well as dynamic and sliding surfaces in various speed ranges.


  • SDC Berlin-Brandenburg
  • SDC Lüneburg
  • SDC Gründau
  • SDC Ludersdorf (Austria)
  • SDC Pachfurth (Austria)

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