Tracks for endurance and individual testing

To ensure market maturity, prototypes and pre-production vehicles have to be testedon a wide range of tasks and applications. Several million test kilometres are covered under extreme dynamic and topographical conditions before the first series models will be produced and delivered to the customers. When testing on modern test tracks and special surfaces, aspects such as reliability and durability, speed and drivability, comfort and suitability for everyday use are considered.

SMB has pertinent experience in the construction of special surfaces which must be created with great precision. SMB additionally displays expertise in the construction of brake testing tracks with concrete, natural stone, flagstone and sheet steel surfacing as well as skid pads. SMB is experienced in creating inclined tracks with gradients of 30% and more as well as in the construction of accurate acoustic tracks. SMB’s experience is rounded off by a variety of rough road and handling tracks with differencing curvatures and inclines for an ever demanding sector.

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